Monday, 27 January 2014

Do It Yourself: How clean your white converse.

Since it’s getting warmer and winter boots are no longer a necessity I am super pumped to start wearing my converse! Majority of students have converse for some comfy yet acceptable look especially after you drag yourself out of bed and cover up your pyjama with a hoodie and jogging bottoms.  But this time my happiness died a little when I seen the state of my beloved two years old pair of white converse. Since I am savvy (not stingy... maybe a little) I cleaned my pair and took some pictures to show you lot how to clean your converse and save some money.

Step 1.
Remove your shoelaces and rinse the bottom of your shoe with water (not the one you’re going to use later!) to remove excess soil and dirt.

Step 2.
Add about a tablespoon of baking soda and washing powder into the basin and put your shoelaces and shoes inside. Make sure you get them wet all over. Then take a toothbrush or a sponge and clean the rubber around the shoe. Makes a huge difference, huh?

Step 3.
Put a cup of baking soda and a tablespoon of washing powder into a smaller bowl and add a little water to make it into a paste. If it’s too watery add more soda if too dry add more water. 

Step 4.
Apply your paste onto your shoes with a sponge and scrub all around. Let it sit for a while and put your shoelaces into the paste.

Step 5.
Rinse your shoes and laces in the basin and put them inside the pillowcase. Now tie the pillowcase close to the shoes. The reason for this is when you put them into the washing machine it will keep your shoelaces safe from damaging the washing machine and shoes won’t make as much noise.

Step 6.
Add washing powder and some fabric softener as if you were doing a normal wash.
I put mine for a quick 30 minute wash and if you can increase the number of spins. If you wish to clean other things with your converse make sure it’s only light colours (whites) rather than black or red colours, because they could dye your shoes!

Step 7.
After the wash remove the shoes and laces from the pillowcase and dry them with a paper towel if needed. Then put them on a hot radiator (only if you can, because you can cause fire when covering certain radiators) or beside or even in a sun. I would usually put them into tumble dryer but apparently it’s not good for your shoes and also in my flat we don’t have one. 

Step 8.
When your shoes are dry put your shoelaces back on and enjoy your clean like new converse!

 If you are in dorms and have a friend why not clean them together and split the costs?! Also prepare yourself for some unbelievable noise coming out of that washing machine so bring your earphones!

Ewii x

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Work on plan B and why we students should volunteer!

Being a university student is tough, you need to get in debt to receive an education you desire and sacrifice your social life for constant studying. A year ago I was doing a different degree at a different campus (about an hour travelling from where I live) and let me tell you when I have a plan I stick to the plan otherwise it drives me nuts! I had a well thought out career path with step by step what will happen in my life in next five years. However these plans quickly shattered as I was told in first week of my 2nd year that placement in my course of study in Northern Ireland is nearly impossible (payed). The only option to really put myself 'out there' was year placement in USA, New Zealand etc but obviously that's not what I wanted. Since my degree had a compulsory placement I had to do it or simply wouldn't pass so after a tearful day I decided to switch area of study and a campus only five minutes away from where I rent my flat. I received an offer for business but I had to start as a first year again. It broke my heart at the time but now I am much happier. The reason for me saying that is because there is countless amount of young adults who have better grades, work experience, additional courses and volunteering experience. When I heard one girl talking of her achievements compared to my 'I only want to focus on my studies' I felt worthless or at least not really attractive for possible future employers. However getting any job is hard now because you need experience to get even a cleaning job and how are you supposed to learn if everyone expects you to be trained? 

 This is why I decided on getting something clear: 
1. No one can make me leave the country, but I have to really try to up my game. 
2. Next three years I sacrifice to my studies to make the most of it 
3. Step up my game by volunteering 
4. Additional part time courses to get more qualifications 
5. Part take in a award run by uni to show employers my participation. 

Volunteer to make yourself employable! I know it sounds boring and isn't appealing for some and guess what I thought the same but surprisingly I absolutely love my volunteering job! I never thought working for free would be enjoyable and I would go there with a smile on my face. 
Reasons why volunteering is awesome: 
1. I met great people who are grateful for my help 
2. You receive experience and possible work references 
3. You can enjoy countless cups of tea 
4. Your doing something good 

There is great websites if you want to volunteer in your area and you can pick what you are interested in like office work, fund raising or counselling (eg. Child line). It is a real opportunity to do something in your area of study which later on can help you get the job you want. So if you ever considered it, don't wait any longer and grab these opportunities that may be the reason you get a job offer before others! If you have any volunteering experiences or tips to share, get typing:-) If you are within UK area you can check some information about volunteering here!

Ewii x

Monday, 20 January 2014

Valentine's day ideas and my pre-birthday extravaganza!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’m getting super pumped about it especially that it’s the start of my birthday extravaganza. It is basically pre-celebrating my birthday from the 14th until 16th of February involving cake, drink and anything I feel like doing on these days such as getting my nails done and all that jazz. Since I moved out in July this is going to be my first birthday not living with my family meaning I will have to squeeze in random washing up and stuff- how boring!
However back to Valentine’s Day… the thing is you either you hate it or love it. I know a lot of single ladies out there who have girly anti-valentine’s day celebrations or couples who think it’s a trick to get you to spend money, others go absolutely mental buying expensive gifts and in general spending considerable sums of money. Personally I like valentines but don’t agree with ‘show your loved one you love them day’ because you should show your partner you love them every day and if you don’t then reconsider your relationship (?). I like the idea of having dinner together with a bottle of wine and watch movies after type of night.
This year is going to be totally different because I live with my boyfriend and since student loan doesn’t take you far consider our situation poor. I searched for ages to find some cute and cheap ideas to make this valentines a bit more fun.

1.   Valentines Countdown (13 dates before valentines)
So I came up with an idea of 13 dates before valentine’s countdown.
Basically I found some ideas of cheap ways for 13 dates which we are going to do each night until valentines. (Note: most of them come from
These include:
·         Disney movie night
·         Movie marathon
·         Personality tests nights
·         A-Z why I love you
·         Country theme night (we have two of them including china and Italy. Basically you make food, drink and watch a movie set in this country)
·         Board games night
·         Spa night (shower together?)
·         Year review
·         Fort night (build a fort, watch a movie and get some munchies!)
·         Cuddle kit night (
·         Bowling (we have a cheap bowling place near us with cheap drinks so it’s perfect!)
·         Making some baked goods for our valentines night and watching a movie
Some ideas need more preparation so I decided to do them on days we are free like weekends and the less time consuming on the days we are really busy like mid-week. If you are single you can incorporate them to do something like painting your nails, movie nights etc. you can invite your friends over or simply ask your brothers, sisters or parents to join in.

2.   Cheap decorations
Decorations are important it’s like Christmas with no tree!
I made one with some paper I had in the house and it looks stunning!
Of course you will need some candles and candle holders to set the mood!
You may like to make a wreath with hearts on it or some posters or even frames with some romantic quotes.

3.   Valentine’s themed foods and munchies!
You have to make a wee exception and eat some goodies! I am going to make a heart shaped cake, cookies and Rice krispies hearts .

I don’t think I am going to make any of these gifts however I thought they were super cute and it was something everyone would love to get!

If you want to check out more valentine’s ideas visit my Pinterest.
I hope everyone will find any of these ideas useful and have a lovely valentines!